Friday, 1 January 2016

The presumption of patients with stroke in my place

Yesterday I meet a someone that she is suffered a stroke so running with difficult. But I think because the lifestyle that wrong.

The most people in my place often consider that people stroke is because a punishment the bad action in past like a action corruption or stealing and others. May be is true , and may be is wrong, so we can not make opinion with this. However, before give a assessment, we should be see a cause like what we know with that.

Today, much people do hard work so ignore his health. Like forget eat, forget drink, lack of rest, very much a sit down that cause a blood circulation so not running smooth that disruption of organ function.

But, in my mind all sick because from in your mind. Logically we calling the situation where is we sick so to open the door of the disease. And we should to change frequency in our mind from negatif to positif that pull the other positif frequency.

And that important we should don't forget to sport like jogging , and etc. Because with sport will build imunity system in our body so be strong. and also dietary habit with healty eating. much eating fruit.

Finishly this is my article with English, and like bad grammar. but I continuesly to try, try and try until fluently with English and true. If very much wrong in my speaking, please help me to repair my language.

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