Friday, 11 March 2016

My English Teacher at Senior High School

Before we to the next paragraph, I want to said that I'm sorry because my English is too bad and without regardless to the grammar, because this is at the same time I learn English, while make a article for the my archieve if in the future I have been fluent in English I can make reflection back to see this article. I hope you understand with that I mean.

Which what that become a background for this article that at the past  I have a English Teacher but I never pay attention for my teacher to hear and enthusiastic with their English class. so I blame with what I do that make me until now still don't be use English correctly and good.

But now, I consider to make attention to English and I promise I can speak or write with English, because this is related to my career, so whatever challenges I sure can to through this process.

Hopeful there is someone who reading this article, can help me to learn English correctly. and give me a part that wrong and not suitable with a grammar about this article. so I can make improvement with my article.

Oh yeah my English teacher name is Mr. Khudori, I miss you Mister, I hope you okay wherever. although we never meet for a long time, but I thanks to you for patient with me, so I can accomplish the school and pass graduate because your helping.

Now this article I present to my teacher, and for everyone happy Enjoy with the next my English article.

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