Thursday, 4 August 2016

Hiked to Hiji Waterfall, Okinawa, Japan

Hiji Waterfall looks awesome there

Today we traveled to the north of Okinawa were we hiked a trail in Hiji, which lead to a breathtaking waterfall with a 23 meter drop

Good morning, Okinawa. There is so much to see and explore here in Okinawa, the Hiji Falls is an amazing hike with the benefits at the end of this glorious waterfall.

The Hiji falls are the largest water volume on Okinawa island and are surrounded by lush, primeval forest that have a voice all their own.

3 mile hike through the jungle to Hiji waterfall. Hot and humid with all of the jungle sounds all around.

We did not do a big hike, merely a walk but it was nice to see Hiji waterfall in Okinawa today. No need to worry about snakes and route is well maintained as you have to pay to get there.

Hiked to Hiji Waterfall

When I went to Hiji waterfall in Kunigami Village. There is a suspension bridge at about the midway point to the waterfall. It took about 40 minutes one way. I was able to fully enjoy nature and get refreshed.

Bridge to waterfall

view from the bridge

Hiji Waterfall comes highly recommended on many lists of things to do on the main island of Okinawa. I almost skipped going because I was intimidated by the seemingly long bus journey, but I would've missed out on a real gem if I had. In short, take the trip. The bus ride alone is worth it because you drive along the coastline, and on a sunny day, the view is just gorgeous.

From Naha Bus Terminal, you will take Bus 111 and get off at the last stop which is Nago Bus Terminal. The ride takes about 90 minutes and costs ¥2,100 / $20. From Nago Bus Terminal, you will take Bus 67 (at the station, bus 67 leaves from bus stop #2) and get off at Okuma Beach. The ride takes about 1 hour and costs ¥1,010 / $10.

Off to Okuma Beach to gets wavy!

Okuma Beach

Okuma Beach

When you get off the bus, turn left, cross the street at the light, and continue walking straight for about 15 minutes until you reach the trailhead. There are signs in both Japanese and English that will guide you to the entrance. Entrance fee is ¥500.

Don't forget your sunscreen, camera, a couple of bottles of water, a good pair of sneakers, and wear your bathing suit so you can take a dip in the river. It's a very easy, tranquil, and refreshing 60-90 minute round-trip hike to/from the waterfall. When you're done, you can walk back towards the bus stop, walk straight in the other direction for about 1km and go relax at Okuma Beach.

The base of the hike...they have campsites, showers, grills and all kinds of other stuff

The base of the hike to Hiji falls

Hike to Hiji Falls

The suspension bridge on the hike to Hiji Falls,

the hike was pretty easy

first view of the falls

in case you can't read it the sign says "climbing to hiji falls is extremely hazardous. swimming at the falls is dangerous due to numerous drownings." someone drowned here is a mystery to me

Sign climbing to hiji falls is extremely hazardous

we found this cute red turtle on the walk back from the falls

red turtle

Happy trails!

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