Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Day - 10 Walking and Exploring Japan : Nara, Todaiji, Dotonbori

Mobbed from the get go.
Day 10: Osaka: got up, headed to the local supermarket, grabbed random bits and pieces for breakfast and started our trip to Nara. It didn't take very long... Maybe 40ish minutes in total?

Mate mate mate cutlet sand, egg sand, ham sand and tuna sand combo, with yakult thing and mochi mate.

Stupid babies need all the milk.

Nara is quite pretty. Very clean city streets. Well maintained trees.. Grass.. Deer? Everything, bar deer poop, is very clean. Everything sort of smells like deer as well, it's weird.

Nara.. Fountain..

Tanée and I walked through the park, immediately buying deer snacks from the first possible vendor and getting mobbed after seeing a European lady bail on a stack of biscuits, not 30 seconds prior, after being mobbed herself (RIP). The deer are nice and not too pushy. Like, Carnie pushy. Not drunk needy pushy. They rubbed up against you after feeding them to get you attention, or tugged on your jacket. When giving them biscuits, they nod, which is cute.

Bad crowd.

We did that for a while, then walked the streets... Seeing other tourists... Do that.. A bunch... Or unsuccessfully trying to pose for selfies with deer that wanted no part in their pictures. Then, headed to temples. Firstly, Todai-ji temple. The sight of the giant temple, let alone massive Buddha, was breathtaking.






Then onto the surrounding temples, which while not as cool as a giant Buddha: pretty scenic. (I apologise for inability to describe these things, the reason being will follow shortly).

After wandering through temples that crossed our path, tanee and I visited the museum (which was largely under renovation.. And closed), where we saw some Buddhist illustrated scrolls which were very beautiful, though slow to view.... We had to stand in a line behind a train of old people who were taking it all in... One quill stroke at a time... Also, through their audio guided tour. There were legitimately moments when the old lady in front of us was holding up the line staring at creases on the parchment... For like 5 minutes.









After escaping the purgatory (though interesting) that was the parchment exhibit, tanee and I headed back into town to grab some food. From there: home, where we met up with Joel, drank some beer and watched Japanese children's shows (what every non Japanese speaking person does in times of between meals.)

Omelette wrapped around rice and curry...with a curry chicken pizza.

Just a normal afternoon.
We then headed out to Dotonbori again, to get some dinner... Settling for Japanese Italian. Then on to a bar where it was just us and the owner.. Playing songs through YouTube... Then onto a street side bar,on the lookout for cats... Now home... Many drinks later. Need sleep.

We made it.

Japanese carbonarra

2nd floor dinning in Dotonbori.

Told the bartender we are Australian. He put on you're the voice.

Cool guy.

Street bar.

Wrong way.... Too late.

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