Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Day - 11 Walking and Exploring Japan : Osaka Aquarium, Pokemon Center

This seal posed for people. Maybe he was born with it.

Day 11: Osaka: Woke up at 8 to the sound of a doorbell, after a few drinks last night and a late trip home. Opened up the door to a Japanese man, who I thought was in some way associated with the airbnb. After about 3 minutes of us both having no understanding of each other and him trying to get me to point out "Australian" on his phone, he pulled out a bible and said "Jehovah?". "Oh, er, sorry. Catholic?", to which he said "catholic?" and went back to trying to find the Australian language pack. I pulled out my phone and a tiny koala and somehow he walked away happy without giving me pamphlets.



After mucking around a bit, Tanée and I set off for the Osaka Aquarium. Lots of fish. Lots of seals. Lots of penguins. A few otters and dolphins. A little bit sad (penguins needed more space... And possibly not to be there at all). Also a little bit crowded, with all the 'cute' animals causing a fuss and tourists pushing through to get photos or film the animal's every move. Got a bit used to getting hit with a pram everytime a seal whizzed by. Ugh, tourists. What a bunch of bastards... <_< >_>

The aquarium was massive.

This exhibit had me in otter disbelief

They liked to stand there and get hit in the head by frost... And the shake. Penguin in Rome.

A penguin Hostel.
After the Aquarium we looked through a nearby shopping mall, where there was a dedicated One Piece shop. Took all my strength and a little bit of sad, grown up realism to not buy a Going Merry. Also played a couple of claw machines.. Which.. Went as well as expected.... :(

Headed then to Cafe Kuma, which is an Australian Pizza Cafe that is number 1 place to eat in Osaka. It was PRETTY... PRETTY good. Even though it wasn't Japanese and, yes we are in the food centric area of Japan.. Had to do it. Dude gave us some tips for our trip to Hiroshima as well.

Mexican nachos pizza and frittata

After that, Tanée and I embarked on a mission to visit the Osaka Pokemon Center. Along the way we jumped off a train early to go visit a park before it got too dark, but it ended up being a zoo that had shut for the day... The birds outside the zoo were hanging out with the birds behind the fence... Making a pretty powerful smell.

Birds be bonding over pooping I guess

We then dropped down around the corner and landed straight into Shinsekai, which was like a 80's, time capsuled Dotonbori, with slightly more standing restaurants and street hawkers. It had a grimy charm. We walked up to the Tsutenkaku (think like a space needle lookout tower) and got the elevator to the top... Which had a video presentation featuring a clock winding forward... And no English... And a foreboding voice. The top floor was just a lookout with a bunch of themed statues. The floor beneath it was another lookout.. But slightly lower I guess... Then another elevator ride, this time down a level, with a backward winding clock. The level had dioramas of 1912 Osaka, followed by Pocky. Lots of Pocky. And Collon. The rest of the tower was souvenir stores or candy shops... Or Ultimate Muscle. Highlight was seeing the bird from the Chocoball commercials.




Oh look, this thing



Mimic pokemon

Sleepy pokemon

We then headed off to the Pokemon Center, which was very difficult, as google maps was being a jerk, and all signs for elevators lead us on Shining-esque trails of losing our minds. Maybe there never were any Elevator signs. Anyway, after finding one, and figuring out none of them go to level 13, but instead you have to go to 14 then get a escalator... Basically it was the subway of escalators.

Pokemon Center was nice. Bunch of Pokemon toys and some arcade cabinets. Didn't buy anything or play anything though. Still saving that money maaan.

Afterwards, we met up with Joel at a restaurant, had a beer, went to Pablo (which had a theme song that repeated over loud speaker every couple of minutes, RIP Pablo workers), came home and ate some cheese tarts.

Tofu and salad

Vegetarian curry

Not seen: line extending down the street.

Pretty delicious.

Hiroshima tomorrow!

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