Sunday, 18 September 2016

Day - 13 Walking and Exploring Japan : Osaka to Tokyo Suntory Yamazaki distillery


Day 13: Osaka to Tokyo: Woke up and quickly cleared out if our airbnb. So quick that I forgot to have breakfast. A quick vending machine Boss coffee later (pure sugar and coffee energy), we made our way to Shin-osaka station, to store our bags for the day. We searched around for a suitable breakfast-but more lunch-but not brunch location, and ended up opting for a Italian Cafe.

This cat possibly owned a bar or was famous. There was an A4 picture of the cat inside the next house. Either way, it was an honour.



Risotto that tasted like Macaroni Cheese Deluxe .

Spaghetti for breakfast with a vanilla and caramel frappe. I had enough energy to run 10km.


Afterwards, we got our location down and headed for the Suntory Yamazaki distillery in Yamazaki, which ended up being very easy, which was a relief as I was worried after a few whiskies that the train system would best me... (again)

the Suntory Yamazaki distillery

Suntory Whisky

The Yamazaki Distillery was beautiful. The weather was perfect. The tourists... Came later than us. It was a best case scenario for going. The only thing that I wish we had done was organise to do the tour before getting to the distillery. Without organising to do the tour, we only had access to the museum and the tasting bar... Which was fine... But maaan, wanted to see the copper pots and racks.

It's like the shining except has tones of vanilla and a straw colouration.

We walked around the museum, perused the gift shop and then hit up the tasting bar. I ended up getting two distillery only testers and a tasting of the Yamazaki 25yo. Was pretty great.



After another quick look in the gift shop, we headed back towards the town in search of not quite afternoon tea-but more dinner. Most of the restaurants were closed until 5 though, so we ended up hanging out in a Cafe near the station, which only had Japanese menus. Google translate did a decent job though and managed to get us through... Though it did say that one drink was named "Attrition".

Big beer and green drink: The Journeys

The fried vegetables has bacon in them. The Japanese like to sneak meat into almost everything, which makes it difficult for vegetarians.

Katsudon boiii

Then, we popped around the corner to the restaurant that had just opened for service (5pm)and grabbed some.. Dinner? Yeah. Ordered a big beer. Got a big beer. Previously, all big beers have been about 500ish ml. Was good.

Then, back on the train, back to Shin-osaka. Picked up our bags and got our shinkansen tickets. Also picked up some more dorayaki and a couple of beers.



Dorayaki and beer.

Where. Are. We.

Free Cheese flavoured ice cream and getting my Tokyo streetpasses. I have accumulated something like160 streetpasses since being in Japan.

2 and a bit hours later we are back in the constant human traffic of Shinjuku. Finding and getting into the apartment was almost like an old school adventure game, trying different doors, then working out where the key is supposed to be used.... Had to be there... It was tricky.

Tomorrow... Tokyo

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