Monday, 19 September 2016

Day - 14 Walking and Exploring Japan : Tokyo, Gundam Statue, Harajuku


Day 14: Tokyo: Woke up and grabbed some coffee and pancakes, before heading out to divercity to see the life sized Gundam statue.



DiverCity is an 7 floor (possibly 8?) department store, mostly clothing, with a food court dubbed Tokyo Gourmet Stadium, which is very much a call to arms, in my case. Unfortunately, we did not take on the call, but we did continue through to the Gundam statue.

Gundam Statue

It was very cool. Very, very cool.
I was sad I had no idea about Gundam. I wish I did. But at the same time, after visiting the Gundam Cafe and the Gundam front (fan shop), I was glad to be saving tens of thousands of yen, that I would have willing thrown at a register.

Bubble tea and hamburger.... Gundam... Thing.

Story of my life


After walking around a bit checking out the arcade etc, we headed back to Akihabara.

This portion of the day was a blur of arcades, claw machines and fan stores. I looked at way too many statue stores. It was great... Some were creepy... All were expensive. Did not end up buying anything... Ended up feeling sad from the clash of child and adult, as I chose not to buy one piece model, after Evangelion, after Monster Hunter thing.... But ultimately, seeing as we have to move out soon, it was the best decision.



How did you get here, Pooh-san, and did you want me to call Christopher Robin to come get you?

Just a great way to blow a pay check.

I spent maybe 2000 yen trying to get this cat and egg man combo in a claw machine.... Aka the perfect combo.



Tanée and I then headed to a Edo style Sushi train near Akihabara station. It was delicious.


Sush and beer

Then met up with Joel in Harajuku, where he and tanee perused the shops while I hung out checking my streetpasses.

Harajuku... Oh how I missed you.... GET OUT OF MY WAY

Just like Home.

On the road to nowhere.


After that, onto a vegan burger place in Shinjuku that was really delicious...


Then bars... A jazz bar after giving up on trying to find a sake bar after 10:30pm, followed by a world beers bar, after being grossed out by the westerner watering hole (it was like a Uni bar during 5 dollar beer and taco night), then a random red light district bar after not knowing where to go.... Then karaoke... Till 5:40am....

Jazz club beer. They didn't give us water. I think they hated us.



It is early....

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