Friday, 2 September 2016

Day - 3 Walking and Exploring Japan : Tokyo (Tokyo Disney)

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Day 3: Tokyo: Tokyo Disney: Woke up a bit late due to a rather large day of walking yesterday and started the day off with an assortment of 711 food stuffs (including a single packaged banana).

Cornflakes with unsweetened yoghurt, banana and double shot black coffee..
Cornflakes with unsweetened yoghurt, banana and double shot black coffee.

After we double checked we had everything, we set off and made it to Ginza, where we hoofed it about 1km to Tokyo station for some reason (thanks, google directions). Then, a quick train ride to Miahama and we were at the front gates of Tokyo Disney.

Not as crazy as Shibuya, but still...

There was a weird stone. They went to touch it.

Quickly we became aware of how many people had also decided to visit Disney today, as expected wait times ranged from 40mins for baby lame rides (aka right up my alley), all the way to 180mins for one of the 3 'adult rides'.

"Here we go.."

Oh only a casual 80 million Park patrons today...

Who is controlling the handles? You have a narrow path and a massive bike. Show some responsibility, you toys

We picked up our first fastpass to try and get around this. However, you cannot get another fastpass until the previous fastpass has been claimed. This is where things started getting tricky. We went and did Star Tours, which was fun and made for episode 7 (sup, BB-8), but then discovered that the staggered fastpass times were continually building by 5 minute increments, which meant Fastpasses were quickly ending (and never coming back). We only managed to grab one other in total (Haunted Mansion).

In the end, we only managed to ride the following: Star Tours, It's a Small World, Pinocchio's Ultra Lightning Story Time Car Ride, The Carousel, Japanese Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, Stitch Hijinx in a Tiki Setting.

Calzone, soft drinks, tapioca lemonade, alien mousse balls, salad in a cup

We ate morning tea at Star Command's Pizza Port, and lunch at a pasta place... That was supposed to be old timey America. I don't know man. Both were delicious though. Joel also got curry at the Bear Curry... House... In Western land. I was very jealous.

Assorted pasta!

Corn chowder.

Coffees and Vegetable Curry.

After scrambling through the hoards in the Disney stores, we found a spot uninhibited by children on shoulders, or tall people...or tall children, and watched the castle light show. Japanese Winnie the Pooh sounds pretty annoying.

We all have one

Toiling hard in the baby mine

The robot puppet above the pizza place got 3 pizzas on the pizza roulette

This is how we died.

Waiting for something amidst everyone.

We then scrambled for the train, ready and waiting to squish into uncomfortable train cars in order to get home, but it ended up being fine. We then discovered that our train was going to m05 instead of M05.

Took the opportunity to try out a ramen place nearby. Possibly the best ramen I have ever had. There was absolutely no English. Felt bad, but got there in the end. Also nearly left my back pack there with all our travel documents in it. Hahabahahahhahahahahahhahah... Oh god.

Side street ramen beers (picked by pointing at randomly translated Japanese)

Incredibly good ramen. Not even sure of specifics.

We also went into a Lawson (kind of like a 711), had to hold off buying One Piece and Evangelion stuff. Need that Akihabara shopping spree :(

Sources : Ashley Holzberger

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