Sunday, 4 September 2016

Day - 4 Walking and Exploring Japan : Tokyo - Shinjuku, Robot Restaurant, samurai Museum, Cherry Blossom, Isetan Department Store

cherry blossom

Day 4: Tokyo: Shinjuku: started off the day by walking down the road with tanee to a dedicated coffee shop. We were the only two customers, not to mention English speakers. The smell was amazing. The roasting beans filled the entire shop with a coffee smoke that was delicious. We ordered some coffees (tanee mistakingly poured milk into mine, which was fine ) as well as some toasted sandwiches (ham and cheese, and red bean and... Sugar butter?)..

Coffee with red bean sandwiches, ice cream and ham and cheese sandwiches.

Headed back to the airbnb, met up with Joel and continued onto Shinjuku. Got off at Shinjuku station and went into Isetan department store. We went directly down to floor BF1 which was a food mecca. A bazaar style market of Japanese, French, Chinese food, all incredibly fresh, all looking incredibly delicious.

To Shinjuku!

Way too much delicious everywhere.

Fresh sashimi. Ready for lunches.

All fruit in Tokyo is 50% larger than Brisbane's.

Isetan department store

We each bought bits and pieces (me; buying way way too much) then headed to Shinjuku Gyoen National Gardens, where we had a picnic among to hundreds of people coming to see cherry blossoms, and/or escape the hustle and bustle of surrounding city life.. In a busy Park.. Environment.

Raining petals.

cherry blossom

After walking the gardens for awhile we walked across town towards an electronic shop (resistance to buying cool stuff: still in place) then onto the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, to get a lookout across all of Tokyo. It was nice. The floor is populated with weird anime memorabilia though... Which was strange.

Come Home, in preparation for the Robot Restaurant show

Building tops.

Came home for a snooze, then straight back out to Kabukicho (red light district) in preparation for the Robot Restaurant show. While waiting we checked out the Samurai museum, which was great. We felt bad when we had to leave the tour early to make the show. We felt worse when the guide chased after us to write his details on our tickets so we could come back and finish off the tour when we wanted. It was really great. Go to it.

Red light district at night.

Samurai armour... At night.

at samurai museum

Robot restaurant was.... Spectacular. Maybe it was the robots. Maybe it was the Japanese fascination with popcorn... Maybe it was the booze. Nothing about it was boring. I'm not sure where I went in those 2 hours... But I was waving a glowstick like an idiot as a Gothic lady shot a chain gun at a spider riding commissar. Do it also.

Waiting room for robot restaurant.

The robot restaurant coping pack

Peter the horse for life.

Robot restaurant was.... Spectacular.

Crazy dancer limited edition!

at robot restaurant

After robots, we wound up at the robot restaurant American themed bar, which was equally batshit in terms of interior design. Soon after entering we were ushered over by an American group who declared us friends and how we should join them in drinking and eating. However, I saw him and his friend then sit with a couple of Japanese businessmen and declare how they had seen one punch man and how excited they were for dragonball super. We needed distance. These people were embarrassing.

Also, one proudly mentioned he was engaged, but she was at home (Said while fanning himself, with a fan, and yelling 'sexy' in Japanese to the singer performing). After chips and beer, we bailed.

We walked around the corner and ended up in a mystery bar that may have been space themed? Maybe. We got Mystery planet cocktails and sat around for awhile, then bailed again. A bar where you take your shoes off... Seems... Wrong.

"Mystery Planet" cocktails

After mystery bar, we played around a couple of claw machines. Then a curry house. Then a taxi... Now home.


These are some long days, but we are definitely seeing a lot of Tokyo's streets.

Tomorrow : Hakone?

Sourcers : Ashley Holzberger 

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