Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Day - 5 Walking and Exploring Japan : Tokyo, Hakone

Spot the Godzilla

Day 5: Tokyo: Hakone: We went out with the intention of going around Hakone today but ran into nothing but difficulties as a result of weird platforms, language barriers and worsening weather. These troubles however were not anyone's fault, but rather just unfortunate circumstances.

We missed a train. We reached the station without knowing and then the train started heading back the other way. Part of the rope car trail was closed due to volcanic activity. The other, closed due to high winds. The boat ride closed due to dangerous conditions. The restaurant at the boat place closed due to the boat being closed. There were little cats that were all wet and cold. Other parts of the round trip could now only be accessed by returning all the way to the start and going in the opposite direction, as well as be closed by the time we got there.

Wrong station.

This is on an angle. Er... Not sure why it looks so flat.

Never going to be Kaizokuou

Spot the rainy kitty

Curry bun, dorayaki and coffee.

Trying to find the cranky cat that mewed at us

On top of this I have been experiencing some pretty crazy vertigo, probably a hangover effect from the flight in. Everything feels like we're on a boat in the high seas. Especially our airbnb toilet.

However, the trip was still beautiful and I would definitely do it again to see the mountains and the lake, just maybe when the wind isn't so... Gale force. Also the Shinkansen are great.

Shinkansen snacks, starring riceball with boiled egg and Monster Hunter

Had Yuba Soba while waiting at Gora station which was very delicious. Returned to Shinjuku where we went luggage shopping for Joel, and perused the rest of the massive department store.

Yuba Soba

Had maccas for dinner. Sorry not sorry. Had to do it.

On to Kyoto!

Sources : Ashley Holzberger

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