Saturday, 10 September 2016

Day - 8 Walking and Exploring Japan : Kyoto, Mount Kurama

Onward to Kuramadera.

Day 8: Kyoto: started the day out slow, crawling out of bed, a bit sore from all the stairs yesterday, and heading down the street to the little bakery for some coffee and deliciousness.

Buns as big as your head

Nice Park full of stepping stones and Eagles... Yeah.

This turtle rocks

Caffeinated and possibly close to self inflicted glucose poisoning (if that's a thing... If not, the discovered infliction is called suge knight's disease..), tanee and I set off for Kurama. It took a lot of googling, but after 3 trains and a lot of grunting at phones, we arrived at Kurama station...alongside some other tourists that were eager to get naked.


Kurama is beautiful. It's mountainous, it's lush, foresty, and had little streams. Very picturesque.

Kurama Street

We started off by doing the temple walk. It turned out to be about 3ish km of some steep stair ascents and descents. My legs feel like sacks of bruised potatoes at this point but it was very much worth it. Along the way we saw a deer... And also a stage play which.. I'm not 100% certain what exactly was happening.. But I think the dude playing the dude, who was playing an old guy, was trying to trick the dude playing the woman...and that it was funny.



Tree with a belt on it. Pretty cool way to keep its pants up (it's 1:30am and I'm tired. I'm sorry)


I don't want to know what goes on in there.

Not us. Maybe if you squint.


(wait for crowd response and respond exactly how they do) : from my book: how to watch Japanese Plays.




Tanée is looking in a cosmetic shop and locals are looking at me weird because I am whistling...



That cat on the left was in the exact same spot, but lying down, 2 hours later. Possibly transcendental.

Afterwards we headed back up the path to the Kurama onsen. I tried to mentally psyche myself up to take part.. But I don't know man... I just didn't... Want to. So I went and drank a beer and ate agedashi tofu and checked my 3DS streetpass count at the onsen restaurant, in the saddest display of naked-reluctance ever. Tanee finished up and came back to the restaurant to meet me, but then wanted to get a drink at the restaurant. The staff were like "oh it's the sad star wars shirt guy again. One beer and tofu again, sad sack?" but they were only half right.. Because I got beer and tempura vegetables... Tanee got the tofu...

Beer, tempura veges and tofu

We bailed back to Kyoto city, where we headed to a beer centric place called Beer Komachi. Not many places have many beers on tap in Japan. Mostly it's either a single local, or a single national beer.. Or Heineken... But, Beer Komachi has seven taps and many different bottled beers. We were greeted in Japanese by the owner who then waited for us to give our order. I responded in the stilted "1 (hand signal number) ...(beer name)... (size).. Please", as we have become accustomed to doing because we are babies. He responded back in Australian/British/weird accent. I then felt dumb, and worried that for awhile after I get back I will be signalling to people what I want like I was 3 years old again.

Kyoto Wheat Ale and a Japanese blue Saison.

Er... Lots of things. Baby octopus on the right.

Met up with Joel and the hoofed it across town to a Fire Ramen place... Where... They pour oil that is on fire onto ramen. We lined up for over an hour. It was ok /shrug. Probably better ramen places to go though...oh well.

It's 10:50pm. We waited over an hour.



Tomorrow : Osaka!

Sources : Ashley Holzberger

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