Thursday, 8 September 2016

Day - 6 Walking and Exploring Japan : Kyoto (Bento, mochi, shinkansen, okinomiyaki, yaki soba, fried tofu)

Kyoto back streets.

Day 6: Kyoto: Woke up and cleaned our airbnb. After finishing up, we made our way to Tokyo station. While trying to figure out which platform we were going to, an old Japanese lady came up to us and started saying some English phrases. We communicated on a really basic level and she was very nice, so we gave her a koala. She loved it and was very excited. It was great.

Afterwards, we quickly headed down stairs, grabbed some drip coffee (Japanese love drip coffee over espresso?) and headed to the lunch-buying area. It was amazing. Bento boxes en masse! So many different delicious choices. Quickly grabbed something that didn't look like it included seafood and quickly made it to our Shinkansen.

Where the bento be at, thanks

So many choices.


assorted mochi

The Shinkansen was fun and easy, and thanks to daroyki, Bento and assorted mochi, delicious. Spent most of the time trying to write and right Blog upload issues. Have since learnt not to try and upload videos, but rather stick to photos.

Shinkansen lunch

We got off at Kyoto station, had some translation difficulties with ordering tickets from the machine, helped another couple of English speakers organise tickets and then hop on train towards our booked airbnb in Kyoto. However, we were taken 3 stations too far when we mistook
"limited express" and "semi express". I still don't know the difference.

Eventually we made it to the room, after tanee and I found out that the real estate agent had decided to serve us a notice of leave. It really made me frustrated, but that quickly left when we opened our room and realised that the owner had left mid cleaning. We set down our bags, hung out for a second and the doorbell rang. The owner was behind the door, wondering why we were there, and looked quite freaked out (he was staring at the mess strewn about). He said "no check in until after 5" just as 5pm hit. It was weird.

We decided to leave and scope out some food. We ended up at a teppanyaki restaurant, where we had beer, okinamiyaki, yakisoba and fried tofu. Delicious.

the beer

Add in Bacon Okinomiyaki and double bacon Okinomiyaki.

Yaki Soba and Fried Tofu.

Afterwards, we headed back to the room for a second, then out to a local... What we thought was... Bar. We were greeted by the host while waiting for the bar to open upstairs. "Can you speak Japanese?" he asked. To which we replied, "no". "Can you read Japanese writing?" "... I have google translate".
He laughed and we followed him inside.

Along the way, I'm pretty sure he told other patrons and staff we were just there to drink. They gasped. Or sounded shocked. The 'bar' turned out to be a really high quality food place. The chef behind the counter we were drinking at was handing over incredible looking dishes to the host. He gave us some Kyoto tofu. It was great. We also had some Yamazaki.

Afterwards we headed over to a bar, which seemed quiet. Turned out to be a whisky bar. We spent some time there talking to the bartenders and patrons. Everyone was nice.

whisky bar

spent some time

Post whisky bar, we hit up the 711 and grabbed... Whatever. It would be dangerous to have food of this quality available at convenience stores all the time.

711. Do it. No shame.

Need sleep. Tomorrow: we explore Kyoto.

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