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Day - 7 Walking and Exploring Japan : Kyoto, Netsuke Museum, Fushimi Inari Taisha Fox Shrines

Fushima Inari-taisha

Day 7: Kyoto: Woke up after a wriggley night's sleep. I'm not very good at sleeping on single pillows, they tend to make me flip around for some reason..

Anyway, tanee and I headed out onto the street to scope out some non-vending machine/not convenience store coffee. Wound up in a cute little Cafe that had hand made cups and little tables that were not made for my dumb 6ft knees (yes, my knees are 6ft). Ordered breakfast and looked quickly over TripAdvisor to get some idea of what was around the part of Kyoto we were staying in.

OL MATE HAM SAND, and French toast

After breakfast went back to the room, charged up our phones quickly and then headed out to a nearby shrine. Then, a Netsuke (tiny traditional Japanese figurine art) museum. Then another shrine. Then a whooole lot of walking. We saw quite a bit of the back streets of Kyoto today and they were quite nice. It seemed like every few streets had a shrine on it that was very well maintained, or a few houses that had pretty little Street front gardens.


Not sure if you can see them, but there are turtles and they are resting on that dragon rock



I couldn't take photos in the Netsune museum. So I took this outside the toilet.

When I went into the toilet music started playing. I then realised the toilet was playing music for me. There is even a light being shone into the water. Future toile

Tea at the museum. We had to get the owner to show us how to use it. The lock was on. We are dumb foreigners.



Tourists flocking to get photos with the kimono wearing ladies.

While tanee bought some oranges off a fruit vendor, a local cat made friends with me. Sorry Bjorn and Velvet.

This cat then came and rubbed up against me while mewing for a couple of minutes. A lady passed me in the street and said something. I'm hoping it wasn't "nice cat, dickhead"

Headed back to the room to charge our phones again (google maps have been sucking all the power from our phones), grabbed some snacks from the 711 and caught the train towards the Fushima Inari-taisha shrine.

Unexpectedly, we walked through Gion (the Geisha and a shopping district of Kyoto). The Cherry Blossoms were so pretty that we decided to eat our snacks while watching the little stream that ran through the district.



Fushima Inari-taisha is essentially a long path, covered in red gates. There are fox shrines spread all over the path, with prayer areas for offerings and worship. It was beautiful but it was also a lot of steps. Some quite steep. It was very rewarding to reach the top, curl around and come back down the mountain while out of breath tourists continued the climb.

Fushima Inari-taisha

Everytime the crowd slowed down it was because someone was taking a selfie. Frustrating

red gates

Fushimi Inari Taisha shrines

Some of the foxes had little outfits

Fushimi Inari Taisha Kyoto Japan

<no title>

We also saw 4 cats. Oooooh, yeah.

On the way back I twisted tanee's arm into heading out for some kaarage (did not have to try very hard) . Yelp lead us through a weird nerdy area full of arcades, figurine shops and even a complete trading card store (it was mostly Magic, Yugioh and Pokemon). I did not plan it. It must have been the fox spirit... Who... Appreciates One Piece statues.


The place Yelp lead us to had a line up. So we waited...for about an hour. Sorry, Tanée. BUT, the kaarage, gyoza, giant beer and ramen were very much worth the wait. So good.

Line for the Ramen place.


Picked up an ice cream on the way home, which is roughly a golden gaytime, but chocolate and inconsiderate to anyone who is not eating it over a garbage bin (there are crumbs EVERYWHERE... WHY DID I EAT IT IN BED).

This ice cream roughly translates to "malting pestilence.

Apparently tanee is heading to an Onsen tomorrow. Not sure I am keen on getting naked in front of strangers... Going to have to pull out the denim cut-offs.

Sources : Ashley Holzberger

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